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Finding Time to Read

I love magazines. The teasers on the glossy cover that every month bring a fresh promise of a new and improved me. But the magic implied in those headlines is never quite realized inside. I subscribe to magazines because buying them is so expensive, but at this moment I am receiving Portland Monthly, Time, Wired, O, Redbook, Shape, Sunset, Better Homes and Gardens, More, Oregon Home, New York, and maybe a few more I can’t remember. Some I will keep but most I am letting expire without renewing. I’ve been known to keep a renewal notice in my ‘bills to pay’ folder for weeks because I’m not quite ready to let go. I do the same thing with the 50% offers to subscribe to the Sunday New York Times.

I am saying goodbye to these magazines not because I don’t enjoy them, but because they consume every hour I can budget for reading. If I am serious about reading more, I have to make a choice. And I choose books. (Usually…)

I also get Vogue, Real Simple, Woman’s Day, Marie Claire…


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With Apologies to the Author

This month’s book is by an author that is beloved by many. I’ve tried a couple of times to get wrapped up in a book he’s written, including the one I’m supposed to be reading now, but I haven’t been able to.

If you know an author is popular and well-reviewed, if his stories sound interesting, where’s the problem when you can’t get into one of their books? Is it me?

Is it coincidence I have to go out-of-town for a meeting this weekend and will miss the meeting?

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Hungry to Read?

You know how we’re told not to go to the store when we’re hungry? I probably shouldn’t go to the library when I’m stressed. I innocently stopped to return books due¬†today (actually they were due yesterday) and decided to go inside instead of just using the bookdrop. In less than ten minutes I walked out with 9 books discovered sitting on the shelves. Five are about kitchen makeovers, 3 are sort-of self-help (You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present, Rightsizing Your Life: Simplifying Your Surroundings, and All Over The Map), and the last one is Stephen Sondheim’s Finishing the Hat: Collected Lyrics (1954-1981) With Attendant Comments, Principles, Heresies, Grudges, Whines and Anecdotes which was on my list to read and I’m such a fan that it didn’t seem right to leave it there as though it were unwanted.

I hope I read at least one of these before I have to return them.

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