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Won’t Make This Sale

This Taschen sale ad grabbed my attention – something about ‘slightly damaged’ books, not to mention the 50%-75% off. IMG
Sadly, I won’t be attending. It’s in New York and I am in Oregon. Even more significantly, it was last week.


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The Pressure of Praise

I am a bit of a Neil Gaiman fan; I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read (American Gods comes to mind first) and what I’ve seen (Coraline was excellent) and I’ve been planning to read more of his work. I still AM planning to read more, but if I pick up his graphic novel Sandman I will have to forget I ever read this quote attributed to Joe Hill: Sandman was not just the best, most daring, and most moving comic of its time; it was and is probably the best, daringest, movingest comic of any time.

That seems like a lot of weight to carry.

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Starting – Then Abandoning A Book

Most trips to the library end with a stack of books with titles that grabbed my attention. Most of these books are returned to the library without being read, without even being started. This is why I am a slightly pleased to start one of those books and find it doesn’t grab my attention nearly as much as the title did.

No need to name names, I’m sure the book I started, and then abandoned, last night is a good book that would be enjoyed by many – it just wasn’t for me. So the book goes in the stack to be returned to the library, and stack of library books to read gets just a little shorter.

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7th Annual Rose City Used Book Fair

Looks like a good one!

Friday June 14 from 2pm to 8pm and Saturday June 15 from 10am to 5pm

Doubletree at Lloyd Center, $2 admission or $1 with a can of food for Oregon Food Bank

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Notes on June Meeting

As I’ve mentioned before, we have an agreement in the Brooklyn Book Club where you don’t have to have finished – or started or have any intention of ever reading – the book but you can’t complain if you hear spoilers. Our last meeting was something new: Jackie had read to about page 200 (out of 331) in the previous 18 hours; Sharon and I were a few pages ahead of her, Betsy a little ahead of us; Kathleen slightly behind Jackie; Elaine waiting to get the book from the library; and Betty had read the entire book.

Although I was enjoying the book, I wasn’t completely hooked when I arrived at the meeting. Betty seemed to really want to talk about it, but clearly didn’t want to spoil it for us. We insisted we understood the risks, but she was very careful. Although it was an awkward conversation, that desire to discuss it and the hints of what was to come, had the effect of making me eager to get back and finish the story.

The next day Jackie returned the copy she had borrowed from me; she had finished the book and said it was wonderful.

Ok, clearly I will be finishing Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder before starting on our next book: The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson.

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My State of Wonder

Next meeting of Brooklyn Books is Sunday, June 9, just 80 hours away as I write this. The book is Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder. I am on page 162; there are 351 pages. I’m enjoying the story and once I start reading I’m completely engrossed, but my current state of too-much-work-to-do means that by the time I quit working for the day I am too drained to jump into a book. I suspect this will be another meeting where I show up with the story quite fresh in my mind because I finished it moments before.

PS: We’re meeting a Sharon’s – last time in that house before they move.

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