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Notes from 9/8/2013 Meeting

At the last meeting, a very nice get together where I was the only one who hadn’t finished the book and everything I heard has only enhanced my enjoyment as I continue reading, I offered to send a note to catch up on the rest of the year.

1) Next meeting is 10/13 at Kathleen’s house. The book is Michael Meade’s “Why the World Doesn’t End.” Apparently the library had the book at some point but lost it. Kathleen bought a couple of copies and is happy to share.

2) November 10 we’re scheduled to meet at Elaine’s (but that might have changed, stay tuned for confirmation) and discuss Storm Large’s memoir “Crazy Enough.” This is a change from what was decided at the beginning of the year; I believe it was the May 19th meeting where that change was made. Apologies if no one mentioned it earlier.

3) December 8 also had a suggested change – stick with Wally Lamb’s “I Know This Much Is True” as the book, but because it is a big book over holidays, it is proposed that we discuss it in January and use the December meeting to choose books for next year. I’ll trust you all to tell me what you think of that idea, or to make a decision at the October meeting. Bettie is listed as the host that month, again this was a long time ago and that might have changed.

Whether books to read in 2014 are decided 12/8 or in January, throughout the year there have been a few ideas about selecting books for next year. One idea was to have everyone suggest a favorite/well-enjoy book that they’ve already read, another was to focus on one author for a few titles in a row (I think this was my idea after a long talk about John Irving).


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Live Long Enough to Read These Books, A Continuing Saga

When I decided to add these five books to my List, I didn’t realize there was a theme: all of them have both very poor and very good reviews on Amazon. None is universally praised. Many of the poor reviews reference the writing style not being what the reviewer is used to, that’s somehow unusual; I am always intrigued by something different in writing style. Not always a fan once I’ve read it (or tried to), but if the book captures my attention and then I find out that some people are turned off by the writing style (as opposed to quality) that just guarantees it a place on my List.

What – Gone: The Last Days of The New Yorker
Who – Renata Adler
Why – Short article in New York Magazine about the author makes her and her writing sound interesting.

What – Speedboat
See above

What – Pitch Dark
See above

What – Beautiful Day
Who – Elin Hilderbrand
Why – “Hilderbrand has lived for two decades on Nantucket, where all 12 of her novels are set, and she understands that readers turn to her mainly for glimpses of (quote) East Coast Yankee blue-blood privilege and elitism at it’s very finest (end quote).
PLUS – 12 Novels with a similar setting, and probably theme, means that if I like the first one I read, I’ll have a 11 more to enjoy.

What – Sisterland
Who – Curtis Sittenfeld
Why – Twins with psychic abilities share a devastating secret (the summary on the best seller lists) is only a bit compelling. Seeing this book as a recommended read in almost every magazine means I need to at least try it.

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