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Time to Leave the Beautiful Singing in My State of Wonder

Finished reading Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto several days ago, yet the book still sits on my nightstand because I haven’t been ready to leave it behind.

After 310 pages immersed in the lives of Ms. Patchett’s characters, a mere seven pages was not enough time for me to prepare to leave.

I could see how many pages were left, it isn’t as though it was a movie where I hadn’t kept track of time and was completely surprised the ending was so near. But I still have that sense of sitting in the theater as the credits roll and I’m saying “…wait… I’m not ready…”


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The Portrait in the Nursery

My fondness for Angela Lansbury lead me to the 1945 The Picture of Dorian Gray, my fascination with different interpretations of the same story took me to the 2010 movie version. Both show dark tales of beautiful men tempted by demons of one sort or the other. The more recent movie takes advantage of changing times to show Dorian’s wickedness. An interesting counterpoint to a point Ms. Lansbury made during the audio commentary for the original movie, that by alluding to the deeds that change Dorian (rather than showing in detail), they are as evil as the viewer is capable of imagining.

There are other differences between the stories shown in the two movies, differences that, for me, made Hurd Hatfield’s Dorian (1945) more easily forgiven, as though he had a lapse in judgment, and Ben Barnes’ character more tortured and less capable of saving. I wonder which Dorian Gray I would find in the original story?

And so I add to my list of Books To Read Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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