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Alternative Reality of an Alternate Reality?

For a week Mr. R. Childan had been anxiously watching the mail.

The wisdom of computer algorithms suggested I would like Amazon’s new series The Man in the High Castle based on a story/short novel by Philip K. Dick. The computer was right, the algorithms were correct and I enjoyed the one available show enough to be disappointed that it was a pilot for a series that doesn’t start until November 20.

Sidebar: I’ve read Mr. Dick before and can’t help but think he’d have an opinion about the computer being right, but I haven’t read enough to know what that opinion would be.

Having been left with so many questions at the end of the one available episode, and patience never my strength, I decided to read the story; not instead of watching the upcoming series, but in addition to, sort of as a prelude.

My 5 x 7.5-inch paperback has only 259 pages, this should have been a fast read. But it’s dense, there are no superfluous words that I can skim over and still “get” the story. If I started reading too fast, really more skimming than actual reading, I quickly reached a paragraph that made no sense and I had to go back to the point I stopped reading every word and begin again, slowly.

What did I take away from reading this book?

First, that some of the characters have different reasons for being where they are; on the screen they seem to be more noble or more innocent than their paper counterparts.

Second, I’m really looking forward to watching the rest of the episodes!


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