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International Children’s Book Day


In celebration of International Children’s Book Day, I share with you two books I not only loved when I was a child but have picked up and read again several times in the past decade.

Half Magic was originally published in 1954. It tells a story of a four cousins having a boring summer until they find a charm that grants half a wish. These characters appeared in other books by Edward Eager, but this was always my favorite.

A Candle In Her Room was published in 1966. The story is told by three different generations of girls and includes a bit of dark magic in the form of a doll that seems to take hold of each of these young women. I can’t remember if the story ever scared me – but with the book out of print, the cost to¬†buy it right now would scare me. Maybe I’ll find it at a used book sale someday! In the meantime, I’ll let the library keep a copy for me to read every few years.


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