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March Book: Mink River by Brian Doyle


As host for the March Brooklyn Book Club meeting I had to make a choice that morning – finish reading the book or clean house. Unable to commit, when people arrived I was still 50 pages from the end – and I had to steer people away from the kitchen.

Refreshments: The wine, Crow Canyon, was rather good for an inexpensive bottle chosen strictly for the label. I also made a smoked salmon spread. Berries would have been a great choice, but they aren’t in season.

The agreement in our Book Club is that you don’t have to have finished (or even started) reading the book to attend – but no one has to warn “spoiler alert” or avoid talking about the end of the book. So I knew – mostly – what was going to happen in those last 50 pages. (No spoiler alert necessary, I’m not saying!)

It is testament to the importance of the story TELLING, the words, that knowing the major plot points in no way took away from finishing the book. To the contrary, it was as though having let go of the storyline I was free to simply enjoy the words.


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Books and Cakes: International Edible Book Festival

As an avid reader and hobbyist cake decorator, I was delighted that my sister-in-law sent this Alas the deadline was 3 days ago – but there’s always next year, and I did learn of a Pinterest board I know I’ll be visiting.

Until the 3rd Annual Edible Book Festival, here’s a cake my son and I made a couple of years ago (it’s supposed to be Redwall Abbey!).



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