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Where’s the Spoiler Alert, Maria?

Reading a review for Ten Things I’ve Learnt About Love by Sarah Butler, written by Maria Russo, I am intrigued and the narrative sounds interesting. Until the 5th paragraph when Ms. Russo gives us a key piece of information. She excuses herself in paragraph 6 by saying “I reveal this…because it’s obvious early on (I figure it out by Page 47).”

Since I haven’t read the book I can’t truly say that the information she gave was a spoiler, but it sure feels like one (which is why I’m not telling you what it is). Maybe I’m not so sharp as Ms. Russo and wouldn’t have figured it out by Page 47, or perhaps I would enjoyed figuring it out myself while reading those first 46 pages. Maybe the author would tell me to relax, that this piece of information isn’t meant to be some big secret.

Until then, however, I am asking Maria Russo to please use a spoiler warning in the future!

And I am adding this to my books to read.


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